19 December 2009

3G and gprs for cyta/ cytamobile and android

I gave my dad my old Android phone (T-mobile G1). After a lot of search we managed to get it to work with Cyta's 3G network. First we called Cyta on 132 and asked for a data plan. For €9/ month you get 200MB, which is probably decent. They also have more plans for more bandwidth. The next day we called again and confirmed our account was ready They told us that we had to setup the phone as well. They gave us some instructions for the HTC touch which is a WinMo phone and they almost worked. We could connect to websites but only via their proxy and only via HTTP. HTTPS and native phone apps (talk, gmail, etc) did not work.

For reference, the instructions that you should NOT follow are the following:

  •   APN cytamobile Proxy Port 8080 -- these don't work

Here's the instructions that do work: 

  • APN: internet . Nothing else.  Enjoy!


cmichael said...

Thanks, your comments were super useful! CYTA sent me 3 word documents with instructions, in very verbose form, and i found these settings in the "use your mobile as a modem" section.

Incidentally I feel compelled to mention the price of data in Cyprus if you're not on a data plan: €1.18 per megabyte (!) and as far as I can remember, these data plans didn't exist a year ago or so.

kyriacos said...

thank you mate. i bought a g1 from ebay and i am having problems with the servers trying to connect with google and sim card not having data plan. my email is koullisr1@hotmail.com
please contact me, i have some questions to make. thank you.

Panayiotis Mavrommatis said...

Hmm I think I had the same problem. Does your phone say "T-mobile" on it? If so, I had to use a T-mobile SIM card first, to let the phone communicate with Google (via data roaming) to enter my Google credentials.

Though, I had to do that because I first wanted to use the phone without a data plan on my CYTA sim card. If I had a data plan, it's possible the connection would work.

Though, given that you have to take all these steps for the data connection to work, it's unlikely that the first ping to Google will work :(

exevior said...

Thanks mate.
Just bought a smartq V7 with 3g support and after several hours of searching and panding around, your tip really helped out getting it up and running. All works including Gmail and other local apps e.t.c.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that it appears that Cyta 3G has two servers, one for permanent subscribers apn:internet and no usr or pass. THe other is for prepaid, which is apn:cytamobile and again no usr or pass. On my droid (galaxy s) some apps were working with the former, and others with the latter. Recently, I have been using APN internet and it appears to work. Their servers are not very equipped to handle 3g and are often quite slow, with plenty of problems. However, it appears that they are the best available at this point, given my limited experience with mtn. Hope the above helps. Skalapountaros

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Panayiotis!!! I brought a HTC Hero phone from the UK locked on Orange UK and when it came I couldnt unlock it so used a special SIM card chip that goes betweem the SIM card and the phone and it was unlocked but the Internet never worked, which I thought was because of this SIM unlock method. Finally after my phone updated to Android 2.1 I could finally unlock it with new codes that have become available and the Internet still didnt work. So since my SIM card was about 10 years old I had it changed for a new 3G/128KB sim card which still didnt solve the problem. But after all that I narrowed it down the the APN settings and Cyta provided me HTC Touch/ Windows Mobile settings and this has solved my problem with great ease.

Thanks you once again. My HERO is back up and running on the Internet after 6 months of only WiFi. No emails when your out sucks!

Paul Burgess said...

Thanks a lot. You can't imagine how long I messed around trying to get my N1 connected.

Fivos Constantinou said...

Thanks Panos, apn:internet works for the iphone as well. Nobody at CYTA told me anything about the setup when I got my plan!

Anonymous said...

Guys u saved my nerves!!!!! thank u sooooo much for ur tips!!! i couldnt make my gtalk work and gmail get autosyncronized!! i was really upset. now it seems to work fine. just i have a question.. i am on a data plan, hope this changes in settings will not connect me somehow otherway and i'll have to pay connection per MB with their crazy cost of euro 1,13? thank u soooo much